Our products are the results of extensive research, testing and development. At Molewa Skincare, we aim to continue growing in our knowledge and passing it on to you, in the form of highly effective and safe products. 
We use age old ingredients that have proven themselves over the centuries, as well as newer, rare and uncommon ingredients. We adapt science and nature to ensure that our customers use effective products, without compromising on what Molewa Skincare stands for – natural and effective. 
Our products (except for our soaps) are packaged in sleek UV protective Miron glass jars and bottles, to preserve the bio-energy and freshness of the contents.  
We use ingredients of only the most extraordinary quality from producers all over the world. Our botanical materials are selectively chosen from regions where their cultivation is safe, sustainable and ethical. We use raw material rich in nourishing minerals, vitamins, nutrients and vitality. We have tested our products on real users over the years – not on animals. We use all products on ourselves and our family and friends, because we 100% believe in our formulas. 
We want to do our part in helping the earth, so we give you the opportunity to return your packaging to us for recycling, and receive a small thank you token. You will receive a free Molewa soap, for every 5 clean intact containers (Miron jars or bottles) that you return to us after use.  
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