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Out of all masks I've tried I'd say that this (Onyx Detox) has to be one of the only ones with the fewest ingredients and most natural too. The product comes in a powdered formula and to activate it all you need to do is add water. Leave for 15-20 minutes and voila.  
I love how easy it is to wash off and how your face doesn't feel stripped or dry after. I followed up with the serum (Velvet Concentrate Serum - gorgeous, it has your skin feeling like butter) and my skin was baby soft. I was SHOOK. It really gets into pores and draws out the impurities & pollutants. Definitely noticed a difference in my skin this week. My scars are fading and my skin looks less congested. Going to keep using this weekly to see further results. LOVIN IT. 
Love the body butter (Body Butter Bliss - Rich Sensuous). It has a beautiful scent, very rich and moisturising without being greasy.  
- @healthbyjeau blogger 
Molewa has saved my skin!!! From the shea butter (Body Butter Blisss) to the soaps, Molewa is my go-to supplier for anything that touches my skin. One of the products I thought I would never use, as a typical man, was that face oil (Azure Face Oil). Me? Patrick, using oil on my face, like a woman? What for? I tried it eventually... the sensation was so good and it left this lovely texture on my skin... since then, I need my daily rub with my face oil! My skin is just perfect. Thanks Molewa. 
- Patrick 
I initially started with the Discovery Box, to ensure these were the right products for my skin. I have combination skin and follow a daily routine of religiously cleansing my face with face oil (Nourishing Oil Cleanser); washing it with one of the soaps; then moisturising it with the face oil (Azure Face Oil) during the day. At night, I cleanse, then use Precious Elixir and Velvet Concentrate Serum, and must say I haven't looked back. For the last few months, I've been feeling confident going to the office with just lipstick (no powder/foundation) if I don't wish to, as I love the texture of my skin. I also use a mask at least once a week. My favourite soaps are Neem & Rhassoul soap, and 3 Clays soap. I love that I can use them on both my face and body. The Molewa packaging is lush, but most importantly, the content has been fab for me. 
- Victoria 
(Azure Face Oil) I am by no means a skincare connoisseur, but I know brilliant when I see it, and excellence when I feel it. I suffer from dry skin, especially around my nose. I’m always on the look out for new products to try. 
Let me tell you why this oil is a winner for me. The oil is multi purpose. There are two Actives. Marula oil moisturises and has skin repairing and anti aging properties. The next oil is where things get interesting! Blue Tansy oil is naturally antibacterial and is anti inflammatory. These combined with all of the other ingredients make it a little bottle of perfection for moi! The face oil is contained in a UV protected Miron glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The oil is light with a fragrance that disappears soon after application. 
The great thing about this product is the fact that it is is unisex. While this is a great facial oil for me, it’s a great beard oil for my husband. It moisturises without leaving a greasy residue. 
A little product goes a long way, the ingredients are of the highest quality and it’s an artisan product. The Azure Face oil retails at £30. I would definitely buy this product as it contains ingredients specific to my needs. The facial oil I use on a regular basis from a well known high street store retails at the same price. However, it moisturises but isn’t useful when my skin flares up. Do yourself a favour and check out Molewa Skincare, you won’t regret it. 
- @trousseaudiaries blogger ( 
Lucky enough to be gifted these beautiful products (Body Butter Bliss - Rich Sensuous and Azure Face Oil) & I cannot recommend them enough!!! Luxurious packaging, luxurious contents. Thank you @molewaskincare.  
- Ruth 
At first, I was apprehensive about applying oil to my face (at risk of having a shiny forehead on top of my already shaved head), but I was surprised that it's not thick at all and keeps my skin in great condition. Futhermore, it keeps my beard nice and trim, and gives it a great scent much appreciated by my woman!! 
- Femi 
I love Molewa products, especially the soaps. My favourite ones are all the black soaps (African Black Soaps) and the coconut poppy seed (Coconut Cream soap). They are amazing on my skin. My skin is moisturised and soft. I use the coconut poppy seed soap to wash my face and as an exfoliator too. Wonderful products!!! Thank you Molewa for taking great care of my skin.  
- Pascale 
(3 Clays Soap) What I thought was a lovely touch, is on the packaging there are details of ‘The pampering Ritual'. Basically the ritual is a description of how to best use the soap. Once the soap is out of the packaging, there is an immediate fragrance. The fragrance is quite mild and very pleasant. It contains ingredients such as May Chang Oil, shea butter and silk extract (yes I did write silk lol). The soap itself is shaped like a cube. Initially I thought it was strange, however I must say after using it I am converted. The soap is an amalgamation of all the ingredients, as such it is comprised of varying colours. When using it, I loved the fact that it lathered up quickly. When using against my skin, it felt like I was exfoliating my skin (but not harshly). The good thing about this soap, is that whilst it washes, it also moisturises. By the time I finished my skin felt so soft and smooth. I am convinced that’s the silk extract doing its thing! Whatever it is my skin likes it…a lot! 
To be honest, there have been a few times I have used it on my hands and I haven’t needed to put cream on afterwards. Believe me this is a rarity. Given that the ingredients are of such high quality and that the products are not mass produced in a factory, the price (£8) is definitely very fair. In addition if you purchase 3 soaps from the website (there are other soaps in the range) you can buy 3 for £20. (Who doesn’t love a bargain when shopping?) If you are stuck for Christmas present ideas, I would certainly recommend this product. The range is quite large and so there are other delights apart from soap to choose from. FINAL THOUGHTS: Would I use this product again…. in short YES. 
- @thisleoloves blogger ( 
As a tester for Molewa products, it's so hard to pick a favourite. They all smell wonderful and leave my skin feeling amazing! They are also made from natural products so no nastiness on my skin! Right now I'm loving the Botanica African Black Soap - anything that has cinnamon always get my vote.  
- Hauwa 
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